Taurus 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

2015 looks to be a strong, supportive year for your relationships, Taurus. Most days, you should see eye-to-eye and find it easy to cooperate and make progress on those joint plans and efforts.
One possible challenging period could come in mid-February when Venus conjuncts Mars in fiery Aries. Tempers can flare and unreasonable passions can surface. You can sidestep this with patience and mutual efforts at cooperation. It won’t last long, and you’ll grow even closer as a result of it.
This conjunction repeats on August 31 in fiery Leo, and then one more time on November 2 in cooler, calmer Virgo.
The Venus retrograde (July 25 to September 6) might lead both of you to be more self-centered and less impassioned but that, too, won’t last. September should see more than enough passion to make up for cooler times!

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