Virgo 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

You’ll be there for each other in all the ways that count most in a relationship. Nurture and be nurtured by your loved one.
The day after the Sun enters Virgo, Mercury trines the asteroid Ceres, both in Earth signs. Abundant honesty and being able to talk about the most practical nuts and bolts part of life will be possible (if not already) without either of you getting self-conscious, doubtful, or fearful of what the other may think or say.
Please each other in unusual or surprising ways this year. Surprise parties, gifts, or a trip are possible examples. Your Grand Trine in Fire (involving Uranus, Mars, and the Moon) keeps romantic excitement going all year. Peak times should be April, August, and late November.
The September 13 Solar Eclipse in Virgo could impact some big joint plan, like buying a house or closing some other deal. Watch your health now, too. Keep stress low and pamper one another. Mercury retrograde (September 17 – October 9) helps slow things down to the daily routine that you both prefer.

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